Silk Fibroin
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Detailed Product Description

The resource and characteristics of silk fibroin:
With the adoption of modern bio-technology, silk essence, unglued from silk, derives from the hydrolyzation of fibroin protein, which creates polypeptide and amino acid. Multiple amino acid and dipeptide, tripeptide are extracted from natural silk. With abundance of 18 kinds of amino acid, namely, glycin, alanine, alpha-amino-beta-hydroxyrpropionic acid, beta-parahydroxy-phenylpropionic acid (up to 80%), silk fibroin is white crystallized soluble powder and is prone to be absorbed by human beings. So silk fibroin is added to the cosmetics. Regarding the unique feature of reactive peptide, silk essence, varying from ordinary blended amino acid, has bright prospect in food and cosmetic industry.

The quality index of silk essence:
External appearance: white or light yellow powder with proper smell

  Eatable Grade Standard
loss on drying(%) <=2.5 <=3
Burnt remnant(%) <=2 <=2.5
PH 5--7 5--7
Total nitrogen(%) >=14.5 >=14
Heavy metals(BE account with Pb),mg/kg <=10 <=10
Arsenic(BE account with As), mg/kg <=1.5 <=2
The germ total amount(cfu/g) <=30 <=100
Other germ zero zero

The application of  silk fibroin:
1. health care food
2. nutritious food allaying the symptoms of diabetes
3. nutritious food improving high blood fat
4. nutritious food safeguarding liver to alleviate the intoxication caused by alcohol.
5. other nutritious foods(beverage, biscuit, food containing amino acid, noodles, bean)
6. blended with other components, nutritious capsule ,as supplementary nutritious food ,can be made and drunk directly
7. cosmetics: cosmetics protecting skin(wash away dirt, nursing, nourishment etc.);cosmetics providing nutrition to improve hair and restore damaged hair.

the effect of silk essence:
    The silk essence is a purely natural silk protein, which is rich in 18 kinds of amino acid, but poor in fat and carbohydrate, so edible silk essence protein can effectively absorb the amino acids of human body demand, thus satisfying  the request of modern dietetics.

    There are 8 kinds of essential amino acids in the silk essence, so it is a good and natural amino acids nourishment source.Particularly it contains rich glycine, alanine, serine and tyrosine, which has complex health effects. Glycine can regulate the gall Zi enolase in the blood and prevent atherosclerosis, and also it  can be induced by carcinogenic substances from the detoxification of aromatic category.Glycine is raw material to synthesize proteinin the living creature body, and also it is the ex-body of Glutathione, which has some effect on prevenying cardiovascular disease, cancer and anti-aging.In addition, Glutathione can remove ree radicals.And in the meantime, it is able to be combined with some poisonous matter and Carcinogen in the human body to take detoxification.

    Alanine can promote alcohol metabolization and allay the intoxication caused by alcohol, thus silk essence can be applied in the products allay the symptoms of ebriety alpha-amino-beta-hydroxyrpropionic acid is a substance maintaining nerve cell . beta-parahydroxy-phenylpropionic acid can prevent Alzheimers and absorb ultraviolet ray to shield your skin from the radiation caused by sunshine. It can also remove wrinkles and ameliorate pigmentation.

    There is a great deal of amino acids in silk fibroin with water-soluble silk, which is prone to be absorbed by human beings to degenerate blood sugar and cholesterin. Compatible with hair and skin, silk fibroin excels in maintaining moisture and provides nutrition to shield skin .Oligopeptide can permeate through the cutin and participate in the activity of enzyme ,thus it can be easily absorbed by skin.

    Silk essence nourishes the damaged hair caused by chemistry products and permeates hair with repairing effect, especially beneficial to the damage led by marceling to allay its problem. Based on research, we can add silk fibroin powder to some medicine curing skin sensitivity to restore the damaged skin. With its effect on improving skin and curbing bacteria, the product can be also use in labor insurance products.

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