Silk Powder
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Detailed Product Description

Ingredient and properties:
Silk powder is a kind of dusty silk protein with high molecular weight about 100,100, water soluble. Silk Powder has the function of excellent natural humidity-control and careing for one's skin, preventing part of ultraviolet radiation, prevent and cureing some skin disease result from all kinds of dampness and dryness. It has super effect used in prevent sunshine produce.
The silk powder possesses the unique ability of absorbing oil, therefore it is suitable for the cosmetics applied to the oily skin. The grain diameter is from 5um to 100um with various specifications. Our extra fine Silk Powder can more easily mixed with cosmetic than common ones with more thin grain.

Main index on physics, chem. and sanitation of Sericin Powder:

Item powder of silk peptide index
Characteristic Powder in white or grayish color, no terrible smelling, freely water soluble
Fine Rate μm 5-100
Total Nitrogen% >=14
PH Value 5-5.7
Loss on Drying <=6.5
Residue on Ignition% <=2
Heavy Metal (as Pb),mg/kg <=20
Arsenicum(as As ) ,mg/kg <=2
Number of Aerobic Bacterial <=100
Other Pathogenis Bacteria Can't be detected

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