Male Silkworm Protein
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Detailed Product Description

Ingredients and Properties:
The pupa and moth of male silkworms have the function of nourishing yin (replenishing vital essence) and strengthening yang (promoting vital function) according to the Compendium of Materia Medica, a classic by Li Shizhen (1518-1693),a pharmacist in the Ming Dynasty.( page 1718, volume 39, book 2)

The distillate is extracted from male silkworm in early and middle autumn season by updated high bio-chemical technology. The male silkworm protein contains 18 kinds of amino acids indispensable to life, and is capable of regulating internal secretion, activating immunity and invigorating vital essence. The distillate from male silkworm can all-roundedly replenish energy so that physical strength can be rapidly restored. As a pure natural product, this male silkworm protein does not contain anything that is harmful to health.

The male silkworm protein has the function of supplementing qi and nourishing yin, preventing prospermia and enhancing sexual potency. It is also nutritious as well as health protective.

Main Index on Physical, Chemical and Sanitary Properties of the Male Silkworm protein:

Item Index
Appearance Powder in Pale Yellow,soluble in water
Loss on Drying <=3
Ash <=2
PH Value(1% Aquarius Solution) 5--7
Protein Content(%) >=70
Amino Acid Content(%) >=90
Heavy Metals(as Pb),mg/kg <=10
Arsenicum(as As),mg/kg <=1.5
Number of Aerobic Bacteria(pieces/g) <=100
Other Pathogenic Bacteria Not Permitted

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