Silkworm Pupa Powder
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Detailed Product Description

The silkworm pupa powder produced by our company through dehydration and rapid drying is made from high quality silkworm pupae. If added properly, the silkworm pupa powder has effective function to fish, such as hqylfy, crucian, carp etc. Attention while using: Firstly, silkworm pupa powder can be quickly oxidatively spoiled and gives out a bad smell, because its content of fattiness is over 22%. This kind of smell can be transferred into eggs and pork. Secondly, if large amount of deteriorated pupa be used for feeding pig, it will cause "yellow pork". If used for feeding fish, trout and carp will fall sick. However, pupa dregs already has been degreased, so it's easy to store, but you should note that try to use it now, don't store for a long time.

Value: Silkworm pupa powder is mainly used as fodder, especially for carp and trout. It can compete well with fishmeal. Furthermore, it is a good palatable fodder and good source of protein for pig and chicken, which may account 2% to 5% of daily diet.

Nutritive Peculiarity:
Silkworm pupa powder has high content of crude fat which is over 22%, so it enjoys a high level of metabolism up to 11.71MJ/kg. Pupa dregs contain 10% of crude fat generally (from solvent degrease for about 3%), so the level of metabolism is from 10.04 to10.46 MJ/kg. Silkworm pupa powder and dregs has a relatively high content of crude protein, 54% and 65% separately, and among them chitin nitrogen is about 4%. The composition of amino acids in silkworm pupa powder and dregs is characterized by high level of methionine, 2.2% and 2.9% respectively, which is the highest of all the fodders. The content of lysine is also high, which is relatively equal to the imported fishmeal. So for tryptophan, as high content as 1.25% to 1.5%, 70% to 100% higher than imported fishmeal. Therefore, silkworm pupa powder or dregs is a good composition to balance the daily amino acids. Another characteristic of the silkworm pupa powder is its low content of arginine, especially the low content ratio of arginine to lysine, which makes it very suitable to add into fodder. Pupa powder or dregs has low content of calcium and phosphorus, but is rich in vitamin B, especially the riboflavin. Besides, they may have other nutritional advantages, but so far we cannot come to a conclusion as we haven't got enough research.

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