Hydrolyzed Silk Powder
  • Product Name: Hydrolyzed Silk Powder
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Detailed Product Description

The product's resource and characteristics
Hydrolyzed silk powder is a kind of powdery with a molecular of about 2500 which is similar with ultraviolet radiation wavelength. Extracted from natural non-degumming silk, hydrolyzed silk, together with silk and sericin compose silk protein. Containing 10 kinds of necessary human acids, our hydrolyzed silk powder can be easily digested and absorbed. Our hydrolyzed silk powder is manufactured with bioenzymic directing degraded technology and advanced facilities.
As its amino acids structure is very similar with skin's natural moisture factor (NMF), hydrolyzed silk is easy to dissolve in water and has strong skin affinity, giving the skin gloss, nutriment, softness and elasticity.
With a good membranate character, our hydrolyzed silk powder gives skin and hair silky softness,  natural gloss and elasticity, makes the hair easy to be dressed and made up, prevents the skin stratum corneum from injury and ultraviolet light.

The product's quality index

  Test Result Standard
External appearance Light yellow, liable to deliquesce Powder in light white or light
Lose weight in dry(%) 4.2 <=5
Burnt remnant(%) <=3 <=4
PH 5.6 5--7
Total nitrogen(%) 14.5 >=14
Residue on Ignition(%) 2.1 <=3.5
Heavy metals(BE account with Pb), mg/kg <10 <=20
Arsenic(BE account with As), mg/kg 1.8 <=2
The germ total amount(cfu/g) <30 <=100
Pathogenic Bacteria Can't be detected Can't be detected

The product's application
1. Additive as nourishment
2. Additive sunscreen and prevent sun skin cancer medicine.
3. As the raw material , additive applied in cosmetics
4. Additive in hairspray and conditioner.

The product's functions
1. Natural moisture-keeping and skin-nurturing functions.
2. Controlling the growing of skin melanin, anti sunlight and prevent skin cancer.
3. Having a good membrane-forming character, which gives the face of skin and hair natural gloss and elasticity.
4. preventing the skin stratum corneum injury and ultraviolet light, let skin soft and hair elasticity.

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